The Best of Both Worlds, a Integrated A/V System by Levi

Room Size
32L x13W x8.5H
System Overview
The Best of Both Worlds setup. I integrated my 2ch system with 5.1ch for movie watching. I have here a Bryston/BAT System with PMC speakers. I use my Bryston processor and Bryston amps combination for a great hometheater duties. The Bryston SP1.7 processor is connected to the BAT VK-51SE tube preamp and activated via UnityGain (HT Bypass) switch when watching movies. The SP1.7 uses the 7B amps as the L&R through the BAT VK-51SE in HT Bypass mode. Center and surounds are then using the 9B amp and a REL subwoofer. The best of both world system serves my purpose. It gives me an extra living space in my home. It is also the most musical system that I have owned. Music listening is Natural, Lively, dynamic and it shows musicians emotions extremely well. Esoteric DV-50s Universal CD player gives solid soundstaging and realistic sound of instruments. Detailed but not analytic. Vocal reproduction is natural sounding with excellent tonality and 3-dimensionality. I hear nuances across all frequency board. Movie watching is also the most involving. This is because the Bryston processor and amps are as clean and open sounding as they can be. The PMC speakers are highly resolving full-range sound so you are transported into the scene. The Esoteric is one of a kind universal player. It plays just about anything. Blu-ray movies is handled by Pioneer BDP-09FD connected to 5.1 analog bypass to my Bryston processor. Awesome sounding DVD player and the picture is stunning! It is hard to say, surely there are plenty of room for improvements but I am done for now!
Music Preferences
Movie Preferences
Room Description
System is setup on the 32' side of the wall whereas the listening distance is 9.5' feet from the speakers which is spread 7' feet apart. The speakers are situated closer to the front walls and toed in creating an equilateral triangle intersecting 1' behind the listener. This gives the best tonal balance, imaging and depth perception. The sitting arrangement is close to the rear wall. The rear walls were further treated with acoustic treatment. The room can be described as lively.
Acoustic Treatment
GIK sound panels and Echo Busters are used for the bare walls with the help of Brian GIK Acoustics.
Listening Impressions
Media Storage
Hidden is a series of Boltz custom CD/DVD storage racks
DVD or LaserDisc Player
Pioneer BDP-09FD
Satellite or Cable
Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300HDC
Video Display
Samsung 7100 series 55
Digital Source
Esoteric DV-50s Universal Player, MacBook Pro, PC
Signal Processors
Bryston SP1.7
BAT VK-51SE Tube Preamp 6H30 Super Tube!
Power Amp
Bryston 9B-SST, Bryston 7B-SST, McIntosh MC-60 monos
PMC OB1 i series
PMC CB6 i series
JVC center channel
Speaker Cable
Bryston SC4 with WBT 0645 Kit
SoundString, Audience, and Merlin cables.
Power Cables
Kaplan cables and BlackSands power cables
Salamander Synergy
Power Cond
Dedicated AC line, Kaplan filtered box, 4x Richard Gray 400 Pro, Richard Gray Substation ,Chang Litespeed CLS 1000MKII
Tuning and Tweaks
Neuance, Isobearing, Lovan Isonode...
Other Components
Talk Thunder 3.1B CD Player, Eastern Electric tube DAC