Recovery Room, a Two-channel Audio System by Ian Lochridge

Room Size
18.5 x 22.25 x 8.75
System Overview
Michell Gyrodec mk V, Orbe clamp & spindle, Michell Never-Connected speed control, Gerd Perderson arm base modification, modest damping under spider, SME V tonearm, EAR/Yoshimi 324 phono stage, Dynavector Te Kaitora Rua cartridge, Ayre 5-xeMP disc player, Pass Labs XP-20 Preamplifier, Pass Labs XA-100.5 mono blocks, Vandersteen 5As using balanced high pass cross-over, all connected balanced with AudioQuest ICs & AQ double bi-wired speaker cable, various AQ, DIY and Shunyata PCs, PS Audio PPP supply for source components, 2 20-amp dedicated circuts, Cardas blocks for cable management, Aurios isolation for disc player, various room treatments (absorption, diffusion), countless hours of fine tuning speaker placement and location of room treatments.