FS: Tortuga Audio Balanced Passive Preamp w/ Battery Power Supply ($1,400)

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Selling my remote controlled Tortuga Audio LDR1B.V25 Balanced Passive Preamp and the matching battery power supply.

This is an incredibly transparent passive LDR preamp. I moved from a TVC passive preamp to this LDR passive, and I love it. The TVC was transparent and sounded amazing, and this bettered it. I initially didn't have the battery power supply, but still loved the way it sounded. The sound was made even better with the matching power supply.

I recently got it back from Morten after having the display upgraded to their OLED screen. It previously had only one input and two outputs, but I had Morten rewire it and the extra output changed to an input so that it's now a two input preamp. It also has the solid core internal copper wiring option.

Tortuga has a "new" model that uses the same internals as this preamp, and many reviewers have commented that this model and the "new" one sound identical (as they should with only a light resistive diode and minimal other components in the circuit path...that, is, highly transparent and true to your source!). You will be hard-pressed to find a preamp anywhere near this good for just about any price. Many LDR preamp users have chosen them over very expensive and highly recorded preamps.

I'm only selling to fund the matching preamp for my Benchmark AHB2's

Shipping extra.

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