Aerogel- the best dielectric period.

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Aerogel- the best dielectric period.
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Dielectric Constant: The Unsung Hero in Cabling
I'll never forget the day I had an epiphany that would change everything. I was engrossed in countless YouTube videos showcasing the remarkable thermal properties of Aerogel. There were demonstrations of people holding Aerogel in their hands while exposing it to a blowtorch, emerging unscathed. How could a material that's 99.8% air be such an exceptional thermal insulator? The answer was precisely because it was 99.8% air and yet a solid material that it was an unparalleled thermal insulator.

The Journey into Cabling
For years, I've delved into the cutting-edge designs of cables, exploring how manufacturers achieved the best K value (permittivity value) in their dielectric materials. One innovative method involved using Teflon thread to suspend a wire in air along its entire length. While ingenious, this process was time-consuming, taking over 2-3 weeks to manufacture a single cable, and the costs reflected this. Numerous designs emerged, each with variations on this technique. However, they all shared some fatal flaws, such as conductor oxidation (such as with cotton, teflon dielectrics, or air) and inadequate mechanical vibrational control (all other options, particularly suspended conductor in air or any sort of gas dielectric).

The Birth of Hapa Audio
The epiphany that led to the founding of Hapa Audio was rooted in the connection between thermal and electrical conduction. It's a well-known phenomenon that excellent thermal conductors, like silver, are also superb electrical conductors. This made me wonder: could the same correlation exist for thermal insulators and electrical insulators? After extensive research, I found the answer was a resounding yes. Materials that excelled as thermal insulators were also excellent dielectrics.

This iconic image shows the incredible propriety of Aerogel, namely its density, as stunning 0.1 g/cm³. compare that to teflon at 2.2 g/cm³.(credit TeganK Studios for helping me create this incredible image.
Aerogel: The Ideal Dielectric
Curiosity piqued, I pondered the dielectric properties of a material that could withstand a blowtorch without burning your hand. Determined, I immersed myself in learning everything I could about Aerogel. Could Aerogel serve as a dielectric? Science and engineering said yes, but due to the utter lack of structural integrity, the consensus was that using it was impractical to the point of impossibility. Funny thing about the 'impossible'- it is only impossible until a breakthrough idea makes it possible. Determined, I immersed myself in learning everything I could about Aerogel. After months of research I realized, I couldn't use conventional methodology to come up with a solution, I had to forge my own path. That moment of clarity led to a patented solution for using Aerogel as a dielectric in cabling. Although I can't disclose the specifics, this groundbreaking idea revolutionized our designs.

The Power of Aerogel
Even before discovering Aerogel's exact K value, I knew it had the potential to be the ultimate dielectric material due to its remarkable density of 0.1 g/cm³, exceptional thermal insulation properties, and complete inertness. These facts coupled with Aerogel's ability to act as a preservative and ideal vibrational damping properties that bests all other materials, I was sure I had the ideal solution for the dielectric problem. Recently, my intuition was confirmed by material science research, which revealed that pure silica Aerogel has a K value of 1.03*, making it the best dielectric solid material known to humankind. While air has a K value of 1 (with literally no vibrational damping properties), Teflon and various polymers range around 2 or higher. Aerogel's K value of 1.03 underscores its superiority. And rest assured, Hapa Audio holds the patent for this groundbreaking technology.

The Impact on Audio
So, what's the net result of all this material science research and engineering? If this journey led to another 'me too' product, it would have been a waste of time. But I’m thrilled to say, the results have far exceeded my expectations. From digital cables to speaker cables to analog interconnects, my clients have independently confirmed that Aerogel cables are unparalleled in detail, dynamism, and realism.

It brings me immense joy to see clients consistently validate that Aerogel dielectric cables outperform every other option. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, affirming the unique qualities of this material. I remain dedicated to incorporating this groundbreaking technology into almost all handmade audio products we create. To those who’ve supported us, thank you. And to those yet to experience the transformative effects of Aerogel on sound quality, now is your chance.

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*Reference: "Dielectric properties of aerogels" by L.W. Hrubesh, L.E. Keene, and V.R. Latorre. Read the abstract here.