Aero Digital Tour

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Aero Digital Tour
« on: 26 Apr 2023, 03:59 pm »
A little over a year and a half ago Hapa Audio introduced the worlds first Aerogel dielectric cable in Aero. Aero was a world first to use the lightest material known to mankind, Aerogel, as dielectric layer for its data core. With near ideal vibrational damping properties, Dielectric properties, and even oxidation prevention properties, Aerogel stands head and shoulders above all other dielectrics available. While I could go on and on about what makes it superior, I have made it a point to allow folks on AC to make their own minds up about it.

Now I have filled out the line up with Aero Ag BNC/Coax

Time and time and time and time again Aero has wowed independent actual factual folks here on AC. So much so that Aero single handedly is the most successful product made by Hapa Audio. Continuing that tradition of 'showing not telling' I am happy to announce the largest tour of Aero digital TO DATE.

I am going to be sending out a 1 meter set of ALL Aero cables. :o This includes the following:
Aero Ag USB
Aero Ag Coax

Aero Cu USB
Aero Cu Coax
Aero Cu BNC

Like all other tours, the goal is for the members to try the Aero family out in their system and hear the difference for themselves. Once there has been time to evaluate I encourage folks to write a review with a few photos to help spread the word. They then send the cables off to the next member of the tour.

Due to the insane build times for these cables I will be limiting this tour to one leg. I have completed 3 of the 6 cables and will be working diligently to complete the rest in the next two week. Once the build is done the cables will be sent out to the first person on the list and will continue along. I have not place a limit on the number of participants, but I will likely make it less than 8. Historically spots have filled up very quick on these tours so I encourage everyone to sign up to reserve your place. Once you have signed up please let me know in this thread so I can keep a headcount.  :thumb:

I'm really excited for this tour! I am hopeful that Aero will show your system closer to its highest potential. To learn more about Aero products please visit Hapa Audio's website


Re: Aero Digital Tour
« Reply #1 on: 29 Apr 2023, 03:19 pm »
Gearing up for this tour has been fun. 4 out of 6 cables built!  :thumb: I wouldn’t have been able to get this far without my new assistant.

There is still space on this one but sign up quick to reserve you position.  :thumb:


Re: Aero Digital Tour
« Reply #2 on: 29 Apr 2023, 03:51 pm »
Signed up...

I have been using the Ember USB from Innous Zen (server/streamer) to the Holo Spring 3 kte (DAC) for some time now. I am interested to see how the Aero will differ from what I have been very happy with.

Maybe my gear would have to be on the next level (Zenith / May kte) to experience what this Aero usb is capable of.?  But we will see.

Thank you Jason for providing these tours/reviews to us AKer's. I've been a believer that cables matter (been though about 3 set of cable looms). So far every Hapa cable that I've tried from these tours have bested the cables I've had on hand, confirming that geometry, technique, materials, and attention to detail ALL mater in making AWARD WINNING / GAME CHANGING cables for the audiophile.



Re: Aero Digital Tour
« Reply #3 on: 29 Apr 2023, 08:10 pm »
It’s funny you listed that specific setup, I have the Holo May DAC and have used Aero Ag and Cu USB with it. At one point I tried out the Zenith DAC with the May. It was a very nice combo! Really nice setup. That said, I test all of my digital stuff on a DAC that costs $200 to verify that everything works properly for my bench system.  Not only does it improve the sound quality, it is quite a substantial improvement. Take a look at Nick B’s review here:

He uses a very similar DAC as my bench setup in his main setup with great results from Aero Ag.

All that said, Aero scales incredibly well both up and down depending on your gear. I have yet to find a setup where I couldn’t hear a difference. But again, anyone who is curious to find out for themselves have a grand opportunity right here.  :green:


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Re: Aero Digital Tour
« Reply #4 on: 29 Apr 2023, 11:06 pm »
I wish I could hear well enough for what you offer to make a difference. I also like your dedication to precision assembly, assurance of getting what you pay for is very important. But mostly I like your style.


Re: Aero Digital Tour
« Reply #5 on: 30 Apr 2023, 01:47 am »
What a treat.
This is something that needs to be heard to be believed. The digital series Aero was just beyond what I thought my system could do (until I tried them).
I presently have the CU USB and can't say enough about it. But originally having the Cu coax and then getting in the Ag to compare side by side was way cool.
I've written my thoughts on both the coax and hope everyone signed up has the same experience I had. I will recommend that everyone try the Cu first to judge with their present cable then insert Ag and be prepared. The Cu was like moving up to first class section but the Ag is like being in the cockpit with the pilot.
Hapa Audio tours are like nothing I've ever seen before and the confidence in these cables are justified. I've experienced cables that are great for the money but now have cables that are just plain great period. I feel any of these cables on this tour meet the later.



Re: Aero Digital Tour
« Reply #6 on: 3 May 2023, 05:40 pm »
Just finished yesterday! The last two Aero Cu coax and BNC cables for the tour. I have just the BNC silver to build! Flanked here in the image by Aero Ag USB.

We have a few spots left on the tour. Check the top post for signup sheet.  :thumb:


Re: Aero Digital Tour
« Reply #7 on: 4 May 2023, 12:20 am »
I wish I could hear well enough for what you offer to make a difference. I also like your dedication to precision assembly, assurance of getting what you pay for is very important. But mostly I like your style.

I appreciate the compliment! I spend an inordinate amount of time trying to make the entire cable consistent with geometry and the spec of my design. It is one of the most important aspects of performance.

I welcome anyone to participate in my tours. If you hear something, great! If you don’t, also great! I prefer folks hear it for themselves either way.  :thumb:


Re: Aero Digital Tour
« Reply #8 on: 10 May 2023, 07:36 pm »
Quick update on the tour, I have completed the builds for all the cables. Prior to kicking things off, the new Aero Ag and Cu Coax have made their way to Tyson for his evaluation. We have another member who has been using Aero Ag BNC in his setup and will be posting his impressions as well.  :thumb:

We still have space on the tour if you're interested in joining. sign up sheet is on the initial post.  :thumb:

Stay tuned the tour is kicking off!


Re: Aero Digital Tour
« Reply #9 on: 13 May 2023, 08:52 pm »

Hi All,
I am the Happy Recipient of these 3 Cables. A little background first.
I auditioned the first Aero USB cable in February of 2022. I put it up against as Sablon 2020 USB; which I owned and later on added a Sablon EVO USB Cable, which a friend owned and we listened together to all 3 cables. Prio to adding the EVO I had been listening to the Aero cable vs the Sablon 2020 for about a week or so. It was clearly that the Hapa was a special cable. Much more refined and musical than the Sablon 2020. When my friend came over with the EVO we kept things simple. At the time my system consisted of a Bryston BP26 Preamp, Bryston 4B cubed amp, Bryston BDA-3 DAC and my front end was and still is a Sonore Signature Rendu SE Optical being fed from a Sonore Optical Module Deluxe and a Custom Built Music Server. My Speakers are Totem Acoustic Mani 2 Signatures.
Like I said we kept things simple; my go to demo CD is Larry Carlton’s “Alone / But Never Alone”, we used Tracks 1 & 5, Track 1 is “Smiles and Smiles to Go”, which contains a wonderful continuous flowing Bass Line along with an Acoustic Guitar. The second track is called High Steppin’, lots of percussive things happening, probably my favorite track on this album. The third track we chose id the Opening track to Chuck Mangione’s “Children of Sanchez”, very dynamic featuring Horn’s and a male vocal. Comparing the Aero to the 2020 we both agreed the Aero was the better of the two. Add the Sablon EVO to the mix; that changed everything. When we listened to the Chuck Mangione track the best way to describe the Aero would be shoutee. Jason had sent me a 2.0M cable; we thought maybe I needed a shorter cable. In the end I ended up purchasing the EVO and returned the Aero to Jason.

Fast forward a year later; after many changes to my system; I reach out to Jason again and ask him if I could demo the new Aero Ag USB and a couple of Aero Ag BNC Cables. I have been a fan of Silver cables for many years, my Power cables are Audio Magic and my XLR Cables were Audio Magic and Silversmith Audio. Both based on silver conductors. He obliged; and so my latest Hapa journey began.
My system is very different from the previous one as well; Bricasti M12 Controller and M25 Amp, a new server build, 2 Custom built Linear Power Supplies. The server is built off the Taiko DIY Chassis, ended up being quite a challenge due to QC issues and mistakes on my end as well. This is the end result…..

The reason for the BNC Cables was the pending use of a AfterDark 10M Master Clock, it has 3 outputs, the plan was one to a Uptone Audio EtherRegen, one to a Sotm Motherboard / Sotm SCLK-EX combo and a third to a AfterDark Network Card which I initially did not have. My Network card when I was doing all of this was a JCAT NET CARD-XE.
Jason sent me a Aero Ag USB and 2 Aero AG BNC Cables. While waiting on the AfterDark Clock I wasted no time, in with the Aero Ag USB and out went the Sablon EVO. All I could say was Holy Moly; this was a complete 360 degree about face. I used the same 3 tracks and it was an entirely different experience. The amount of detail retrieval and the musicality of this cable was outstanding right from the get go.
I did a quick swap just to be sure, and then back to the Aero.  I listened for at least a week, letting the system play 24/7 to assist with the break in, I had no desire to go back to the EVO. I obviously had to and I did, and allowed that to settle in again and listened to that for a period of time again. The EVO is no slouch and very popular but it was boring compared to the Aero Ag. At a significant upcharge was the Hapa Aero Ag worth it? To my ears absolutely. I was hearing things I had not noticed in tracks that I had been listening to for years.

On to the BNC Cables…..I originally had a single output AfterDark Clock tied to my EtherRegen Network Switch along with a AfterDark BNC Cable, somewhat entry level at the time I upgraded that to their EVA version, the affect of a clock can take things to a new level in terms of Live Sound. Not here to debate that, this is about Jason and Hapa….
With the additional changes to my system my needs changed and I asked  AfterDark to build me a custom clock with 3 outputs.
No plans for the 3rd output yet; the clock arrived and the listening began.
The first test was to reset the EtherRegen to its internal clock and put the first Aero Ag BNC on the Sotm SCLK-EX. Again using the same 3 tracks, the first thing I noticed was a much lower noise floor, obviously this is a result of having the clock but no doubt the cable as
well. I also noticed a much larger soundstage and much more precision overall. Next I added the second cable to the EtherRegen, more improvement, much closer to a Live presentation. After deciding I wanted to put the 3rd output of the clock to good use I decided to order the AfterDark NIC. In terms of maybe trying to save some money as I have been out of control, I asked Jason if I could try the Aero Copper BNC, lucky for me he had one available to send to me. Once it arrived I quickly swapped out the cable on the SOTM Clock Board. Well so much for saving any money, there was no comparison between the two. The copper cable is now residing on the AfterDark NIC while I wait for a third silver cable. I am keeping the AfterDark NIC by the way. Again things are that much closer to a Live performance. My system has never sounded more musical and life like.
You can see the 3 BNC Cables here.

I highly recommend trying out the Hapa Cables. In fact this thread gives you the perfect opportunity……..

Enjoy the Music! I know I am…..Thanks to Jason and Hapa Audio!


Re: Aero Digital Tour
« Reply #10 on: 15 May 2023, 03:18 am »
The tour hasn’t even started yet and already people are blowing Aero BNC up!!! Thanks for the awesome review Mike.

1 Aero Ag usb and soon to be 3 Aero Ag BNC. I think that says it all tour folks. The entire Aero lineup is exemplary and people are taking notice big time. I want to fill out this tour and we have a few spots left. Nows your chance to hear for yourself what a ton of dedicated AC listeners are reporting.

See the original post up top to sign up and better do it soon!!!  :rules:


Re: Aero Digital Tour
« Reply #11 on: 18 May 2023, 06:45 pm »
Folks, the tour is officially launching today!  :dance: :dance: :dance:

It was a labor of love building all of these bad boys! I hope the results speak for themselves, both visually and sonically. If BCRich and Tyson’s review are any indication, you’re in for a great time!

Tour members check your emails. And if you haven’t signed up, we could take a couple more folks. Fill out the tour form and I’ll make space for you.  :thumb:


Re: Aero Digital Tour
« Reply #12 on: 8 Jun 2023, 01:13 am »
Hapa Audio (Aero Tour)

I only have USB connections between my Streamer/Server and DAC. No coax or BNC connections in my system. So the coax and BNC cables did not come out to play.

For this round of “Cable Testing” I didn’t want to make any changes to my system at all. No cables, tubes, or components were touched, nothing unplugged and replugged other than the USB cables under review. I use a “iFi iSilencer” that came with the purchase of my EMBER USB cable. All 3 cables were plugged into the iSilencer during evaluation.

I own an Ember USB cable that Jason made for me about a year ago.  I have been through a couple of USB cables,  a Curious Cable, and a P.I. Audio. Both of which are very fine USB cables, but the Ember relinquished them both to closet duty. Just FYI, these are the only USB cables that I have direct experience with.

Areo Au (silver) USB

When the cables arrived, I started off with the Areo Ag USB (Wouldn’t you?).

Right away there was a noticeable increase in details.
Everything was just more Present/There.  I know, “Everything” sounds like a generic description. I mean everything.
The presentation of a piano was a step up , not sure how how to describe, it was just better than I’ve ever heard a piano in my room before. Percussion,Percussion, wow every instrument had a closer to real sound than my system had ever presented before, very intriguing. Cowbells, rim shots, tambourines, all had a more distinct sound/feel. The shimmer, and decay of the cymbals was EXCELLENT. .
Vocals. OMG, here I also heard more improvements. First, all the Back up singers I came across during my evaluation were easier to hear and understand. It sound to me as if my system was speaking more clearly and I could hear/understand easier. Actually it was as if every instrument was also speaking more clearly, allowing me to hear MORE of the timbre/tone color, decay and space within the soundstage.
Stringed instruments. This is where I was most impressed, at how well my system could now present the decay and reverb a guitar. It was absolutely apparent to me that the Decay, as well as the True Tone of the strings were now more audible.

I would like to describe it. As if the gain was raised, raising the details and nuances deep within the music. The volume of the small details were raised to volume level of the rest of the music.!
I hope that makes sense.?

All of this coming from nothing other than swapping out the USB cable.

The HAPA Areo Ag USB cable ,made me want to listen more music, and how great my system was performing.
Which is My definition of an Audiophile Quality component.

Aero (copper) USB cable.

The Aero Cu USB ,
I’m not going to go into as much detail about this one.
The Cu has a lot of the attributes of the Ag, as far as increased Details, Holographic-ness, Tonality, Ect.

The longer I listened to the Cu the more I was enjoying the improvements over my Ember USB.
(5) days was not enough for me, I wanted to spend more time with the Cu in my system.
There was no doubt, the Areo Cu is a step up from my Ember USB cable.

A couple of my notes for the Aero Cu USB below;

(When listening to Desmond Dekker’s “Israelites” I felt a new dimension to the song. )

(It seemed to me that “Everything” was elevated up a notch or two across the board (compared to the Ember USB), Bass, Treble, Voices, Holographic staging, you get the picture)

In comparison to Au, the Cu had a slight loss of decay and shimmer to cymbals. Same goes for voices, and guitars.
The Au has a way of bringing out the last bit of details.

The Au is better than the Cu and the Cu is better than the Ember.
Which, quite simply they should be, as the prices indicate.
But does the increase in price, equal the increase in performance.?
I’m not sure how to measure the increments in performance between the 3 cables.
Let me just say that the level of engagement and enjoyment of music increased accordingly with each cable level upgrade.!

After hearing the difference in performance with both the Au and Cu USB cables, it’s going to be difficult to be completely satisfied with my system. Sadly these cables are a major stretch for my USB cable budget. I have been very happy with the Ember and will continue to be happy using it. But I know that when I’m ready for an upgrade to my system, HAPA Audio’s Aero Cables will be on top of the list.

It’s hard to swallow, but we all know by now.
The system is only as good as the weakest link.
The USB cable in my system is the first link connecting the source, and apparently it can be improved upon.

System at time of review- (its been about 6-8 months with this exact combination)

P.I. Audio- - (Ethernet)
InnuOS-Zen (Streamer/Server)(Tidal)
Hapa Audio- Ember (USB)
Holo Audio- Spring3 kte (DAC)(volume control)
Hapa Audio- Breathe S (RCA)
Decware- Zrock2 (bass restoration)
Hapa Audio- Ember (RCA)
Decware- CSP3 (preamp)(headphone amp)
Hapa Audio- Breathe (RCA)
Aric Audio- Super 300B SET (speaker amp)
Zenwave- SCR:14 (speaker cables)
Tekton- Double Impact SE (speakers)
Tekton- Enzo (12” sub) x 2

Dedicated 20 amp circuit,,
10 awg to (3)P.I. Audio duplexes (1) for each sub woofer and (1) for the system,,
The P.I. Audio UberBUSS is connected to the duplex with a TWL 7 awg  power cable,,
From there everything is connected the the UberBUSS  via a mix of TWL, and CullenCable power cables,.


Re: Aero Digital Tour
« Reply #13 on: 9 Jun 2023, 02:19 pm »
Man o man this tour is off to a rocking start! :dance:

Thank you for taking the time to really listen to Aero Ag and Cu in your setup (and what a setup!) I have listened to both Aero usb cables on a similar front end - Holo May DAC KTE -Aero- Innuos Zenith and it was excellent. My setup I use the May DAC and Auralic Aires G2.1 to great effect. Any way thanks again for the very interesting well written review!


Re: Aero Digital Tour
« Reply #14 on: 13 Jul 2023, 11:09 pm »
Folks, I wanted to give you all a quick update. The tour is going strong! I'm expecting some reviews to post. Due to summer being summer, folks have been ultra busy going out of town and planning family things. I can't tell you how much I appreciate everyone's effort to fit the tour into their schedule. I am in the process of coordinating the next person on the tour to receive the cables, I may have to alter things a bit, I intend for every tour member to get their turn, however if I need to make changes you may be bumped to the next spot. If you have any questions or concerns please send me a PM and let me know your thoughts.  :thumb:


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Re: Aero Digital Tour
« Reply #15 on: 16 Jul 2023, 05:14 am »

I had the opportunity to test the Hapa Audio cables recently.  Many thanks to Jason who set up a tour so folks could experience a range of Hapa cables, and designs.

My principal interest, and my testing, focused on the Hapa Aero Ag USB.  The very positive recent review comments got my attention!  I also tested the Aero Cu USB.  Last year I had the opportunity to test the Ember USB.

In a word - the Aero Ag USB is STUNNING.  The best USB I have heard, in my system and others.

Previously i was using the Ridge Street Audio Alethias Silver USB cable. I have been using the Ridge St cable for about 10 years because (1) it is high purity silver (which always seems to transmit digital music the best) and (2) it has a separate power wire, so that there is separation between the signal and power wires, and lower noise. 

There are two characteristics that really stand out on the Hapa Aero Ag.

First, unbelievable clarity throughout the musical spectrum. THis is enhanced the deep black background. The clarity that I describe is "in the room" with the recording artists clarity.  More than once I needed to look around the room to see if someone was singing, or talking, or makng percussion sounds.  But the music was completely natural, and unforced.  This might have been helped by my R2R DAC.

Second, macro-dymanics were amazing, but the micro-dynamics were revealing of every musical nuance.  The ability of the USB cable to just get out of the way and let the music flow was extraordinary.  PRAT was fantastic.

I found the cable provided a "you are there" experience, and a naturalness of music reproduction, and an ability to unleash musical fury at a moment’s notice allowed recorded sessions to dazzle the listener.  Brass sounded like brass, piano playback was natural (woody/steely) similar to my live recording experience, and differences among piano's was discernable.  Vocals were as natural as live events, and in one instance, spoken voice on a recording made me jump, because I thought it was someone in the room.  Some reverb trails (eg Trinity Sessions) could go on forever. Bass is as powerful as recorded, and almost bottomless. This low frequency response and the mid/top range clarity were what distinguished this cable from the RIdge Street. 

The Aero Ag USB is not inexpensive.  But if you are seeking a USB cable that delivers all that can be delivered by high end DACs and servers, then you should listen to this cable. 

I found that the Aerogel that Jason uses for this cable really seemed to improve the sound, but it does take a bit of time for it to fully break in. 
The copper version of this cable was truly excellent.  But the silver was a readily discernable step up.  The Ember I recall delivered much better sound than its price would suggest. But it is not the Aero Ag.  I was so impressed by the Hapa Aero Ag USB that I bought one.  Congratulations to Jason for developing this amazing cable. 

Music used for review (Song/performance | Artist | Album):
Goodbye Port Pie Hat -- C Mingus - Mingus Ah Um
I Want to be Happy -- Tierney Sutton -- On the Other Side
Happy Camper -- Champian Fulton -- Meet Me At Birdland
Les Etoiles -- Melody Gardot -- Live in Europe
Saltash Bells -- John Surnam -- Saltash Bells
Nublado -- Sera una Noche -- MA Recordings/Pedro Aznar
Morph the Cat -- Morph the Cat -- Donald Fagen
Blue Moon Revisited -- Cowboy Junkies -- Trinity Sessions
Is You Is or Is You Ain't My Baby -- Joe Jackson -- Jumpin Jive (remastered)
Symphony No 4-Bedachtig -- Royal Academy of Music Soloists, Trevor Pinnock -- Mahler Symphonie No 4
Amacord (I Remember) -- Norma Winstone -- Descansado-Songs for Films

Audio System (analog components not included below)
Digital music server: Roon Nucleus Music Server (NUC) with 2TB solid state drive powered by Keces P8 Linear Power Supply; wired Ethernet to static IP; Roon Software
DAC: Audio-GD R7HE MK2 (regenerative PSU Balanced R2R Ladder FPGA DAC with upgrades
USB Cables: Hapa Aero Ag USB; previously Ridge Street Audio Alethias Silver USB cable
Preamplifier:  Modwright 36.5 preamp with external Modwright dual mono power supply
Active Crossover:  Marchand XM44; with Bassis WM-8 module
Amplifiers: Midrange/tweeter amp is ModWright KWA 150SE amplifier; Subwoofer amp is a matching ModWright KWA 150SE amplifier
Speakers: VB Tech (custom built, based on Odin speaker design); with VB Tech Olaf Subwoofers (based on Seas L26ROY 10” subwoofer); custom external crossovers w Clarity base caps, and double V-Cap CuTF bypass caps
Speaker Cables: Jim Glynn custom speaker cables; also Black Cat "The Tube" copper cables (Chris Sommovigo)

My audio system:


Re: Aero Digital Tour
« Reply #16 on: 16 Jul 2023, 03:18 pm »
Aerogel + Jason working his magic on the Silver conductor’s is truly a special combination. I had a Cu BNC along with 2 Ag BNC’s on my AfterDark Master Clock and it sounded really really good. I was using the copper while I waited on another Ag. Once I swapped out the Cu for the Ag it was clearly different; for the better I might add. I sent the Copper one to a friend to try in his system. He tried it out on a AfterDark X1 Network Card first, I sent to him to try while my Clock is being upgraded, he liked it a lot but he prefers using SFP’s to his server. He wasn’t fully committed to a purchase. Then he moved it to his Uptone Audio EtherRegen; case closed. He asked Jason to send him a PayPal Invoice for it. He is afraid to try the Silver version……
Glad to see others appreciate how good these cables are.


Re: Aero Digital Tour
« Reply #17 on: 17 Jul 2023, 07:22 pm »
Thank you for your well written and thoughtful review! I appreciate the effort and all I can say is, wow! You hit the nail on the head on every point.

You pointed out that Aerogel takes a bit of time to 'break in', that is true, insofar as the aerogel dielectric layer settles and is very much effected by signal over time. While most dielectric layers break in and that's it, Aerogel breaks in as well as forms/shifts over time. it's a bit more dynamic (mechanically speaking) than other dielectrics. All that said, even without break in, Aerogel allows more detail than any other material period. It gets out of the way preventing the conductor from being restrained and vibrationally damps the entire wire end to end without gaps like teflon thread dielectrics or overdamping like all other dielectrics.

We are moving along with the tour and I appreciate the incredible feedback I'm getting from everyone. We have had a few folks sign up for the tour after reading these reviews and I appreciate everyones effort! I'll drop an update here and there but I think the tour members experiences speak for themselves.  :thumb:


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Re: Aero Digital Tour
« Reply #18 on: 17 Jul 2023, 10:48 pm »
I'll be following this thread . . . If the silver USB cable is near 48098 I'd love to give it a shot



Re: Aero Digital Tour
« Reply #19 on: 19 Jul 2023, 12:24 am »
I'll be following this thread . . . If the silver USB cable is near 48098 I'd love to give it a shot


I would love to have you on the tour if you're interested. It doesn't look like the cables will be in your neck of the woods, but if you'd like to join, fill out the form and I'll add you to the end of the tour: