Introducing: the AerØ Ag Coax/BNC.

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Introducing: the AerØ Ag Coax/BNC.
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According to standard audiophile nomenclature, detail and warmth are opposing options. You can have warm musicality with a soft edge or you can have highly detailed 'analytic' potentially sterile sound. The trade-off is where the art of 'synergy' exists. At least, that's been the experience of most when it comes to digital cables. This dilemma brought up a fundamental question for me; Can a cable be simultaneously ruthlessly revealing AND warm/inviting?

When I first set out to make digital cables my intent was to design a cable that could show strong evidence that this assumed dichotomy was indeed false. With the original Aero USB cable I released the worlds first cable of any sort to use Aerogel as a dielectric. Combining Aerogel UPOCC copper hand polished in house I achieved a level of detail and clarity not hear from before.

A year later I introduced Aero Ag USB which again raises the bar using an even more refined polishing process with my nano-scale polishing method and Aerogel dielectric.

Now, I've taken this same level of refinement and attention to detail to Aero Coax/BNC.

Introducing Aero Ag Coax/BNC

You might have noticed a few folks have already posted their thoughts on Aero Ag Coax/BNC here and here Quite to my suprise Aero Ag Coax/BNC has proven to be a very popular option, even though I hadn't technically released it yet. A number of AC folks have already utilized it for their digital rigs as everything from a digital cable to a clock cable. From my personal experience as well as the feedback of the numerous clients whom have used Aero Ag Coax I can say with confidence, this cable punches WAY above its price point. Compared to Aero Cu Coax, it's warmer, insanely detailed, dynamic beyond belief and deep dimensionality with texture beyond what was possible before.

But you don't have to take the AC reviewers word, nor my word, you can find out for yourself very soon. Stay tuned, I will be launching the ULTIMATE Aerogel digital tour which will include this new edition.  :wink:

For more details on Aero Ag, please take a look at Hapa Audio's website.


Re: Introducing: the AerØ Ag Coax/BNC.
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Keep up the Great Work Jason.

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Early B.

Re: Introducing: the AerØ Ag Coax/BNC.
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Count me in on the digital tour. I have an Aero Cu Coax, so I can compare the two.


Re: Introducing: the AerØ Ag Coax/BNC.
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I appreciate the kudos gents! I’m enjoying the being here on AC and sharing my creations. It’s really an amazing experience.  :green: