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Title: Da Ukes on me
Post by: dflee on 28 Mar 2020, 04:24 pm
My sister is an empty nester and asked me what I thought of her
picking up a guitar and starting to learn. She asked the typical questions:
type, make, model and cheap on line lessons.
Told her at 55 it's an instrument that can get very frustrating to learn and she
definitely doesn't need any stress in her life. Told her to sit tight and I'd see
what I could do. I wanted to get her something she could have fun with and maybe
later get into guitar. Bought her a Gretch orchestra size Ukulele, tuner and felt pick and sent
it cross country to it's new home. She is having a blast with it specially with the ability
to find the music so easily on the internet. Anybody else playing a Uke and what do you think.