Herbie's Tenderfeet / damper uses

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Herbie's Tenderfeet / damper uses
« on: 10 Oct 2009, 07:12 pm »
Just wanted to show some other uses of Herbie's products.  Being that Cdp are becoming less popular, these products have no limitations.  Yes, they work awesome.  I'm very surprised how well the the tube damper works on my tube DAC. 

Mac Mini with iomega 1TB HD with Tenderfeet

Herbie's Tube Damper (UltraSonic 9) on Wavelength Cosecant V3

Herbie's Tenderfeet on Wavelength Cosecant V3

Not affiliated with Herbie's just a  :D customer.  In fact, I always forget the discount code on checkout.    :duh:
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