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Title: Rega Turntables
Post by: Herbie on 26 Jul 2009, 02:29 am
Hundreds of Rega owners have upgraded to Herbie's Way Excellent and Way Excellent II Turntable Mats.
Most are using the standard, full-size 2mm-thick version. Though 2mm is slightly thinner than the stock Rega felt mat, users have found that with the Way Excellent Turntable Mat, a very slight downward angle of the cartridge is beneficial, providing "way excellent" results.
Herbie's Audio Lab has recently introduced, however, a new 2.4mm-thick Way Excellent II Turntable Mat specifically for Rega turntables that matches the thickness of the stock felt mat. Because most Rega turntables do not provide for VTA/tonearm height adjustment, matching the original mat's thickness provides for accomodation with the manufacturer's parameters.
Rega P9: This ceramic-platter table uses a thinner mat, about 1.5mm thick, and Herbie's grungebuster Turntable Mat (1.6mm) is a perfect upgrade. The grungebuster Turntable Mat really brings out the best potential with this fine table.
Feet: Though fewer of our Rega customers have upgraded the turntable's feet, Herbie's Iso-Cup w/Lampblack Ball has proven to be a superior upgrade, adding  even more excellence to Rega's fine performance. As Richard Makarewicz reported:
"Under my Rega P9, the Iso-Cups made quite a difference, which surprised me given the anti-resonance work Rega put into their P9 plinth. There was also a greater sense of presence, or 'aliveness' to the music, and bass lines in particular were much more easily followed, occupying a more specifically defined space in the mix. A very worthwhile upgrade."

More info at our website:
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Title: Re: Rega Turntables
Post by: cujobob on 27 Jul 2009, 04:27 am
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Title: Re: Rega Turntables
Post by: Herbie on 27 Jul 2009, 04:38 am
Fixed. Thank you much!  :oops: