BDP-2 Firmware Bugs?

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BDP-2 Firmware Bugs?
« on: 11 Aug 2022, 04:24 pm »
Using S2.45.2022-5-26 firmware

1).  Just prese the "System Logs" button to view logs, and, after multiple attempts you get a message about connection lost.

2). Every time the system is Reboot manually, or due to A/C power drops or blinks the connection to my NAS drive is lost.  You must then Remove the NAS.  And, then Re-add it for the connection to be restored.

3). If you turn on DLNA Renderer, MPD is turned off (just like it always was) BUT now you can Not turn it back on without a reboot.  And issue #2, having to re-add the NAS.  You used to be able to toggle MPD back ON.  Now it says its ON per check box while the message still says its OFF on the Media Player screen.

Any engagement would be appreciated.