Hapa Audio Digital S/PDIF Cable

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Hapa Audio Digital S/PDIF Cable
« on: 27 Aug 2022, 01:55 am »
I utilize an S/PDIF cable from my cdp to dac (I know, old school but I like it) and spoke with Jason about an AerØ cable for that purpose. What got me started on this journey was after installing the Ember into that function (Jason informed me Ember could handle the 75ohm) and hearing a pleasing sound led me back to Jason for this interconnect. I was the beginning of the present tour going around (not the AG) that consists of the RCA, BNC pair and the infamous USB. This writing concerns the S/PDIF w/RCA and I'll address the USB separately.
Jason informed me that there would be little break-in time and he was pretty well right. The cable sounded awesome right out of the box and while cables tend to get funky while breaking in I never found that to be. It just seemed to get better over time. I've got in excess of 150 hours on it so I'd have to say it has pretty well done its thing as far as any changes go. There have been a few different digital cords run through my system and while I can't speak for all of them have to say this one is superb. It has been stated by other reviews about how a piano sounds (hammer hitting the string) wise and I've never heard it to the degree that I'm hearing right now. It not only gave me the hammer sound but also produced the vibration of the note within the piano. Now I can say that I do know that sound considering the fact that there is a Grand Piano in the same room. I never imagined hearing that on the stereo to such a degree. I listened to music both through the Fyne 501SP and my Auteur headphones and am blown away through both. Classical never sounded so good. Separation took on a whole new level. Along with many other genres of music I use Yes in my listening. Yes is very compressed and has so many different instruments going on at the same time can sound congested and hard to listen to. This part kinda freeked me out. Tales of Topographic Oceans through the headphones not only made me almost dizzy but Andersons voice at first was just way off until I realized his vocals were overlaid and in two different octaves. Through the speakers it was great but through the headphones put each voice in the right and left phone speaker. His voice was waaaaay off until knowing the difference. I still can't listen and put it together. The separation is nothing short of incredible.
I have never heard A. separation, B. full sound stage and C. incredible sound from top to bottom as I have with this cable.
All I can say is if you can use a digital (RCA or BNC) cable, you really need to check this one out.
I purchased one before the tour left my domicile and Jason got a new one to me in exceptional time.
I feel sorry for any on the tour cause once you hear what this cable can do you will have some hard thinking to do to maintain the sort of sound your listening to.
If you want to know about my system, you can look it up.



Re: Hapa Audio Digital S/PDIF Cable
« Reply #1 on: 28 Aug 2022, 12:44 am »
Nice review my friend! The thing that you mentioned about separation. I get something similar with my main headphone rig. Meze Elite with KnØt and all of my modded iFi pro gear. The thing you’re hearing is a high degree of phase coherence. Suddenly close mic’d material and layered material takes on a new dimension. One that is generally ruined by incoherent cables smearing phase like cream cheese on a bagel. The original form is just mush.

I think this is the first time a reviewer has really nailed that aspect of what Aero does, especially the new version!  :thumb: