Strangest set up I’ve seen

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Danny Richie

Re: Strangest set up I’ve seen
« Reply #20 on: 17 Jan 2022, 09:40 pm »
I own Morrisons,  and can assure you it's not a marketing pitch.   Linkwitz of Linkwitz Labs says (said) the exact same thing.   IMHO,  Morrison and Linkwitz are 2 of the smartest speaker designers,  ever.  When they make such statements re:  room treatment in relation to their particular designs,   it's because it's true for their design goals,  not marketing.   

They may not be as smart as you think they are.

Let's just look at side wall first reflections. There is nothing either of those guys did to their speakers that set them apart from any other speaker. They will have side wall reflections just like any other speaker. Plus, being open baffle and omni in their design means they need even more treatment on the front wall as clearly the back wave reflection is still there.

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Re: Strangest set up I’ve seen
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It's been many years ago, but at a RMAF the Linkwitz room was absolutely one of the worst sounds at the show... on Friday.  On Saturday he had rearranged and added some corner traps and the sound was better... almost average. 
Mr. Linkwitz may have been a very bright man, but his speakers needed help in a  hotel room.