The Tingler, a Two-channel Audio System by fsimms

Finished System view 1
Room Size
600 sq foot
System Overview
The Salk speakers are the star of my system.
Music Preferences
Mostly acoustic vocal stuff.
Room Description
500 sq feet open to kitchen and hallway.
Acoustic Treatment
RealTrap diffusor behind my speakers
Listening Impressions
The Salks are pseudo open baffle and have a very broad and deep soundstage. The Quicksilver V4 tube amp creates a tangible image. The reality of the soundstage is startling. Vinyl was incredible with SS amps but the V4 takes both digital and vinyl to a new level.
Digital Source
Panasonic S97 transport, iMac used for digital streaming. An Emotiva XMC-1 is used as a ADC/DAC and for room control.
Analog Source
VPI Aries III turntable, JMW 10.5I tonearm, Denon DL-S1, Hagerman Piccolo head preamp and Dodd tube phono amp with Amperex Bugle Boys. The XMC-1 digitizes the signal so I can use it's room control capability.
Signal Processors
Emotiva XMC-1 room control.
Emotiva XMC-1
Power Amp
Quicksilver V4 monoblocks, Hypex NC400 monoblocks with Alumaniti cases
Salk SoundScape 10's
SVS 12+ with TC Sounds woofer