Difficult room to add treatment

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Difficult room to add treatment
« on: 13 Feb 2021, 06:23 pm »
New house, using sunroom as HT.   Elac Debut b5.2/c5.2/b5.2 and in-wall, in-ceiling to flush out 5.1.2.   Difficult room to work with.  14x14x9, windows cover 2 walls (left and front w/blinds), 1/2 open along right side into larger area, couch against back wall 12' from cc, 65" Samsung TV.  Old ears and damaged hearing make HT dialog a challenge.  Have done the basics - speaker positioning, rug on floor, chairs to help absorb 1st reflection, EQ, DSP, avr settings, etc, etc.   Not much room for panels except back wall behind couch.  Don't listen loud, mostly on/near axis, 95% movies/TV. 

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Re: Difficult room to add treatment
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Lots of eager recommenders here. Throw us some photos!


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Re: Difficult room to add treatment
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Using a square sunroom for HT is a terrible idea.  Glare and echo from all those windows will be horrendous.  The 14ft equal length/width of the room will reinforce bass at 80 Hz and 160 Hz.  Suggest reading Floyd Toole's "Sound Reproduction" (either edition) to learn the basics of how loudspeakers behave in residential rooms.  Toole is perhaps the world's most respected audiologist.  After 40+ years at this I've learned that loudspeakers make up the biggest factor of system performance and the room is the second biggest factor.  So I'd strongly recommend with a fixed budget to focus on two better loudspeakers in a decent room than 7 more compromised loudspeakers in a lousy room.