Omega and Schiit

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Re: Omega and Schiit
« Reply #20 on: 11 Jun 2023, 02:29 pm »
An update for those of you who are still interested. Feeling inspired and physically up to the challenge I hit the storage room, purging a lot of previously-loved gear. Selling, and all that’s involved, seemed a bit too labor intensive so some of my previously-loved gear went to friends and some to a local thrift store. 3 trips later, my storage room looks pretty bare in comparison. I still have backups/alternatives for everything, of course.

The system:

Bluesound Node (N130)
Schiit Saga S
Schiit Gjallarhorn
Omega Super 3i Monitors
Omega DeepHemp 8 Subwoofer
Salamander Synergy
Sanus SF22-B1 Steel Foundation
IsoAcoustics Aperta
Better Cables Silver Serpent RCAs and AIR Digital Coax
Omega ConnectOne Loudspeaker
Brick Wall PW8R15AUD

Good sound quality,  good synergy with the Omega’s, and just the right size/weight for the future me. I'm happy.


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Re: Omega and Schiit
« Reply #21 on: 12 Jun 2023, 04:24 am »
I'm happy.

And that’s all that matters.  Enjoy!