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Title: Salk Streamplayer II and Windows 10
Post by: NHSkier on 18 Dec 2020, 09:15 pm
I have a Salk Streamplayer II that I bought used and have been using for several years with nary a sound quality complaint. Around the same time that I upgraded my home desktop this year from Windows 7 to Windows 10, I added an eero mesh wi-fi system. I had a little trouble getting the Streamplayer back in the mix but eventually figured it out. Unfortunately, it was only being recognized as a DLNA streamer, not a network attached storage device like it was before the upgrade. Only last week did I figure out how to get the old two-way network functionality back.

The solution involved going deep into the Windows network settings folders to turn Samba 1.0, a default feature in Windows 7, back on. Along the way I learned that while this is a convenient home networking feature, it's not a very secure protocol. This brings me to my question, does anyone know a way to preserve upload/download capabilities for the Salk Streamplayers without enabling this unsecure Windows protocol? I should note that I'm not looking to run a full-fledged server in my house or anything wild like that.