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« on: 26 May 2023, 04:48 pm »
Hey group.  The name is Aaron.  I'm just getting into audio repair for my own personal equipment.  I currently have a Harman Kardon 3270 which I've already fix the tuner section.  Wasn't receiving any FM signal and unable to tune in any AM stations.  I alos have a Sansui SR-222 which I was able to get operational again.  Recently I pick up a Harman Kardon 330c with a broken tuning arm.  The unit needs to be recapped which I've already put an order in for a recapping kit.  The biggest challenge will be in finding a replacement tuning assembly.  Either through purchasing a donor machine or finding someone with a donor machine that I can buy the part off of.  Looking forward to interacting on the forum.


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Re: Introduction
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Hey Aaron! Welcome to AudioCircle!

I moved your introduction post to the intro circle, Starting Block so everyone can say hi and welcome you.

But feel free to post in The Lab for tech discussions/questions, or Vintage Circle, or anywhere else you wish.



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Re: Introduction
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Welcome tô AC :thumb:
Nice dont be shy tô post photos.


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Re: Introduction
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Greetings & Welcome to AC Aaron   :thumb:

Phil A

Re: Introduction
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