Main Stereo, a Two-channel Audio System by Feanor

Room Size
12' x 7.5' x 20' (3.6m x 2.3m x 6.1m)
System Overview
A Magneplanar-based system with computer as the principal source
Music Preferences
Classical, especially chamber music and 20th century composers in general.
Room Description
A small, formal living room, but used mostly for my music listening.
Acoustic Treatment
Baffles behind the Magneplanar dipole speakers to absorb/deflect a protion of the back wave. The room is generally heavily furnished with sofas, drapes on one side and a wall hanging on the other.
Listening Impressions
Great sound stage and a natural sound.
Media Storage
Most of my listening is to computer files nowadays.
Other Comments
Digital Source
Foobar2000 => M-Audio Revolution 7.1 sound card => Assemblage DAC 1.5
Analog Source
Rarely used: vintage Technics turntable + Denon MC cartridge + TCC 750 phono preamp
Other Sources
Sony SCD-DE775 SACD player; Denon TU 737 tuner
Sonic Frontiers LINE 1
Power Amp
Monarchy Audio SM-70 Pro, pair
Magneplanar MG 1.6QR
PSP Subsonic 5
Speaker Cable
Bi-wired: Canare quad 14 gauge
Mostly Blue Jeans Cable
Power Cables
Assorted: mostly shielded cables with ferrite chokes
Power Cond
Belton AV60