FB101 main room, a Two-channel Audio System by FB101

woofer Mc2
Room Size
System Overview
Main listening room for equipment reviews.
Music Preferences
Classical - all sorts but especially vocal
Acoustic Treatment
Listening Impressions
Sweet transparency; extremely revealing of component flaws and strengths. Intense midrange, extremely close to singers. Good dynamics ability but not extreme. Slight emphasis in the upper-mids / lower treble. Bass can be impressive with amplifiers capable of high current delivery.
Other Comments
Adcom is only a temporary fix until i identify the ideal pre-amplifier. SMc VRE-1 was truly outstanding int his system and may be on my next shopping list.
Digital Source
Esoteric X03 SE
Analog Source
Accoustic Solid Classic Wood with RB300 and Denon DL103
Adcom GTP 750
Power Amp
Genesis GR360 or McIntosh MA2275
Nomad Audio Ronin Paper Dipoles
Speaker Cable
Zu Libtec
Zu Varial
Power Cables
Zu Mother
Musical Fidelity XCanv3, AKG K701
Power Cond
Monster Power
Tuning and Tweaks
Soundquest Isol-Pads