In home auditions and systems

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Re: In home auditions and systems
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Hello to All I have been an Audiophile for many years and moved back to New England In Ma only 20 minutes from the CT boarder
I Have had so many systems from top MBL to present Red Wine Audio Sig integrated and Point source Omega crossover less speakers
I have the 1.5 open Baffle Outlaw Omegas I now have a much  bigger room  and will be needing a  heavy duty Omega which one ?
I Like having visitors to experience why I went from 300 watts to 30 .I have done mods for many years and have voiced system synergy for years.Single driver Speakers can do several things most conventional  cannot by not complicating the circuit with all these inductors capacitors and resistors some time over 15 parts in 1 Xover  .I have had several Loudspeaker designs and IMO none better for quality and value per $$ then Omega Xoverless speakers  most people donot know that Louis has spent many years evolving ,listening and upgrading to their current status ,now working with dual drivers ,open and closed baffle ,and even powered units Efficiency is is most cases  many times less power needed to get the same SPL level . Did you know  you need to at least double your power to gain 3db more in output ,or 10x the power to double it ?
I would like to demonstrate a lot of experimentation and current  synergy,even with cables , with having a direct feed from the hard drive to amp to speakers  timing and phase  correct 1st order,most speakers are not.  which gives a purity and realism that is hard to duplicate .Feastrix is probably one of the Best examples of the highest order Crossoverless driver also very $$$.  I will also demonstrate cutting edge digital library I started this when it was first getting started ,and how simple it is to get started , and exchange thoughts with others.please drop me an email if interested
I am in the Worcester,Ma area. Happy Listening.