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Re: Welcome to NEAR!
« Reply #60 on: 6 Dec 2017, 11:23 am »
          Does anyone know of a good tech in the Boston/south shore area who can work on speakers?



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Re: Welcome to NEAR!
« Reply #61 on: 11 Dec 2017, 01:13 am »
Does Goodwin have anyone?  I'm sure they know someone.  May be worth a call. 


Re: Welcome to NEAR!
« Reply #62 on: 1 Jan 2018, 02:22 pm »
A friend had several speakers repaired by DHS in Feeding Hills Ma to great results.

Pete S

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Re: Welcome to NEAR!
« Reply #63 on: 19 Jun 2020, 02:08 pm »
I live in the Portland, Maine area.

I got back into audio after purchasing Sennheiser HD 600 headphones and a Schiit Bitfrost Multibit DAC and Valhalla 2 headphone amp, in early 2016. I've since upgraded to a pretty nice 2-channel system with Salk speakers, a bunch of Schiit components and I ordered a new Technics turntable the other day.


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Re: Welcome to NEAR!
« Reply #64 on: 11 Jul 2020, 11:02 pm »
Hi all Tom here from Boston. Recently started to get back into 2 channel audio have a decent record collection 60’s- 90’s several different genres. Recently picked up a Dynaco st150 that has been modded by mr Van Alstine himself back in 82 I believe. Anyway hooked on the Boston Audio sound have and had KLH,ADS,Advent. Cambridge audio. I’m in the middle of refurbishing a  rarely seen pair of ADS BC8’s studio monitors. Anyway thanks for letting me in the club.