Athena V2 to V3

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Athena V2 to V3
« on: 21 Jun 2021, 02:32 pm »
Good day all..  Looking for some feedback regarding the upgrade to V3 for the Athena speakers or any in the lineup would be helpful. I’m quite pleased with the sound now, but always looking to improve, not necessarily just making it different. I’m sure Lou has created a worthy upgrade, just would like some opinions on what to expect sonically..  Thanks in advance.


Re: Athena V2 to V3
« Reply #1 on: 21 Jun 2021, 03:07 pm »
I can only compare my previous Orpheus with v2 upgrades against my new Zeus with v3 upgrades, here is what I wrote in my Zeus Thread:

- First thing I noticed was not the bass, compared to the Orpheus but the highs and mid-range.  There is much more resolution.  This was really the goal of this change.  Keep the naturalness of the Orpheus but increase resolution.  Imaging has improved as well.  If you have an older pair of Daedalus, send them in for the new tweeters and mid-range (new 2021 mid-range).  For the cost, no brainer.

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Re: Athena V2 to V3
« Reply #2 on: 21 Jun 2021, 03:38 pm »
We have made many improvements the past few years and the new versions of the mid and the ETon tweeter we use are wonderful.
The new Eton tweeter (2017) is a major improvement and the new mid (2021) is well worth it if you are already having other upgrades done.
I do try to keep the costs reasonable, simply charging what it actually costs us, BUT we are backed up. So please schedule months in advance for any work.
Thanks to all of you for your appreciation of our work! :thumb: