new set of Apollo11 in Baked Maple

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Re: new set of Apollo11 in Baked Maple
« Reply #40 on: 21 Jun 2020, 05:17 pm »
What is considered enough break in time? I’m hoping my Muse Studio speakers ship my way next week.

BTW, I’m here in Mobile. You are more than welcome to hear the Muse speakers with my DIY FirstWatt M2x amps after the break in finishes.

Current state of affairs, Zu Speakers, TimberNation wider stand on order.


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Re: new set of Apollo11 in Baked Maple
« Reply #41 on: 25 Jun 2020, 06:12 pm »
Great picture behind the monitor. Enjoy your new speakers once they arrive!  :D


Re: new set of Apollo11 in Baked Maple
« Reply #42 on: 12 Nov 2020, 05:48 pm »
I feel as though this topic should be updated, since I went ahead and purchased Lou's demo pair of these same speakers, largely on audiotom's recommendation.  Boy am I glad I did.  As other Apollo 11 owners have commented here and other topic threads, these speakers are really a home run and competitive with other makers' models at much higher prices.  For comparison with other Daedalus models I can only do so with my 2017 Ulysses v2, and much as I like them the Apollo's are at a noticeably higher level (Lou now has my Ulysses for an upgrade to whatever is the best he can do with them currently, so in a few months I can say more about that comparison).  I already posted some of my initial impressions, and as these speakers were already broken in I don't know that the sound has changed much, but my appreciation of their strengths and capabilities has.  They are on a concrete slab covered with oak hardwood flooring, on the new stainless steel spikes and DiD's, with my room and system as described in my profile.  Tonal balance is so even and dynamics so impressive (on recordings that still have dynamics), even at higher volumes, that on good recordings I find myself tending to crank it up.  Imaging on large scale works is appropriately large, but small with solo or duo artists, which tends to be a difficult accomplishment for most speaker systems, even expensive ones and especially full-range systems like the 11's.