Audiophile Classical Music Recommendations - Basic Library (Links included)

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Vivaldi - The Four Seasons - Conducted by Alessandrini and the Concerto Italiano
One of the works MOST in need of an incredible, vivacious performance and spectacular recording quality, because of all the time it's been used a droning muzak in elevators and on telephone hold-music.  These are red-blooded Italians performing the music of their countryman as though their lives depended on it!

Hi Tyson

Congrats on your effort. It's been my guideline for quite a while.

I have a question (for the other Classical music listeners as well).

I always listened Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons" trhough a  CD from Deutsche Grammophon release below:

Listening to the recording Tyson  suggested, brought me to another approach to Vivaldi's work. As I found it a little strange at start, I got used and noted the differences in every piece, but never stopped enjoying the one I've got first and that introduced me to this Vivaldi's marvelous work.

Would like to know your impressions on the Karajan/Berliner Phillarmoniker recording.

Thanks and regards