Blood Sweat and Tears, a Two-channel Audio System by aldcoll

Room Size
18 by 20 with a 13 ft catherdral the 20 ft length
System Overview
Just a basic integral part of our day to day living and relaxing. A major presence in the living room and a joy to open the sliding doors to the patio and sit outside and enjoy.
Music Preferences
Americana as it called along with a major blues and jazz twist.
Room Description
Basic living room with glass case things in the corners and do dad's spread about.
Acoustic Treatment
Added some DIY panels along with some blankets over stuff when I am alone like now.........
Listening Impressions
Sound stage is getting bigger with each little tweak.
Media Storage
Stacked away in a closet after it was loaded on some HDD
Digital Source
Squeezebox Touch with Boulder mod power supply streamed or direct from a pc or drive.
Gill Alana MK3 Plus Plus
Power Amp
MopdWright KWA 150SE
Daedalus Pan's with trim rings
Speaker Cable
Boulder Daedalus speaker cables
Wywires for the most part
Power Cables
Wywires Juice 2 and
Power Cond
Tuning and Tweaks
Yes and Yes