It's about Synergy between components..., a Two-channel Audio System by qdrone

Room Size
System Overview
Two Channel is the life for me. Acoustic Zen Krakatoa ll Power Chords on Source Equipment. Acoustic Zen Gargatua ll on Power Amp, Audience AU24SX Phono Cable, Audience AU24SX inter connects except Acoustic Zen Absolute Copper XLR on Dac and Phono Pre Amp. Wywire Diamond Co axial cable from Transport to DAC,
Music Preferences
Room Description
Cozy, soft lighting and lights go out when music's on.
Acoustic Treatment
Blanket over Breakfront glass 3 feet behind the middle of Speakers
Digital Source
Modwright Elyse Dac,5ar4GYS brown base Phillips rectifier tube,Synergistic Research Purple Fuse/ Modwright Modified Sony 9000es for Transport,
Analog Source
2nd Generation Mark Vl Oracle Dephi,Turbo power supply, Graham Engineering Phantom 2 Supreme tonearm, Hana Umami Red MC cartridge, Whest Titan Pro Phono pre amp with Coil Up grade/ Synergistic Research Purple Fuse.
Musical Concepts Modified Adcom 750 / Synergistic Purple Fuse's {3}
Power Amp
Galbo Modified Plinius 100 Mark lll/ Synergistic Research Orange Fuse's on rails(4) 1 Purple on power.
Odyssey Liquids / Mapleshade Big Footers
Speaker Cable
Morrow Anniversary 2023 version.
Bright Star
Power Cond
Tice Power Block/Titan Combo
Tuning and Tweaks
Bright Star Sand Box under Turntable and Amp. VPI Cyclone Record cleaner.Record Pi Record De-warper