TAP-X Demo Units For Sale

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TAP-X Demo Units For Sale
« on: 24 Jan 2009, 07:10 pm »

I have a few TAP-X demo / Test Units I should find homes for. One was at CES recently. All are current and up to date parts wise and otherwise like new but since they have been 'out there' for a short time I don't feel right calling them brand new............

These include:

Fully configured RCA type 6 input TAP-X. Normally priced at $2000. Priced now at $1650.

2 Input TAP-X  built with toggle switches at the back panel to select inputs - keeps signal path wiring really short inside that way!  Normal price for this unit would be $1500 - priced at $1200 now.

I have 2 fully balanced single XLR input units with dual balanced XLR outputs. These are true balanced units with 4 autoformer modules inside. These would normally be $2250 and are priced at $1800 now.

As always just call or e-mail to discuss and ask questions.