What's the best sounding volume switch for S&B 102 Mk3 trannies

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Dear All,
I somehow managed to get hold of a pair of unused S&B Mk3 trannies.
I want to implement them as a volume control in my Altmann BYOB amp instead of the stock Alps Blu.
I have a dilemma what switch to use to get the most out of it. Elna, Shallco or Seiden?
I have an older Bent 102H sitting on my shelf, the one with Mk2 trannies and Seiden switch. Frankly speaking I'm not a big fan of that preamp, it's clean, polite and transparent but just lacks drive and excitement. I can take the Seiden switch out of it although it would be helluva work to solder it back in case I don't like the sound.
Any thoughts and suggestions?

John Chapman

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I would not want to unsolder and resolder a switch that is sitting there done either!

I always put the Seiden and Shallco about the same level. They share common basic construction and both have minor things that could skew in their favor. The Seiden has a bit nicer feel to it. The shallco has the contact pad post as one solid unit rather than an extra tab the Seiden has. I am not sure who would sell the model 45 Seiden switch these days. The fellow who was exporting them to me was at the point I changed was not sure if he'd continue selling them - that combined with overall pricing (largely due to currency changes) led to me changing to Shallco - it's made in the USA so kinda self hedging currency wise.... I have them here so if you need one just let me know.

Elma and the smaller Seiden switches are likely just fine too.



Ed Sawyer

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I've used both John's Shallcos and also the 45-series Siedens (which are the ones he used to carry). They are both nice, but I'd give the edge to the Siedens, as far as build goes. They are super smooth feeling too, very nice to the touch.  Expensive though. Jack @ Tachyon still carries them I think (I got a pair a couple years ago), try www.tachyon.co.jp I believe. The 45007 or 008 I think is the dual-deck unsheilded version I have, at the time they were about $160/ea incl. shipping to USA. Pricey, no doubt! they have a 45014 (?) version also which adds a sheild between decks. I have a pair of these plus some Silver tX-102s (thanks John!) that I have been sitting on for a couple years, waiting for a chassis to be done so I can build them into a passive pre. Hopefully I'll get to that this year.