Asymmetric room sound treatment question

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Asymmetric room sound treatment question
« on: 23 Apr 2021, 11:16 am »
I have a newbie question on room treatment.

I have my setup in my living room and unfortunately from my sitting area, the entire left wall is windows and the right side is open space all the way to the door.

And my stereo setup (2 Philharmonic BMR monitors) are set up closer to the left windows, mainly because on the right side, there is a hallway that connects kitchen to the bedrooms, like a typical configuration once you enter the front door.

My question is in this setup, what might I need to balance out the sound, in terms of a combination of diffusion and absorption. Anyone have any thoughts on what sound problems I might experience?



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Re: Asymmetric room sound treatment question
« Reply #1 on: 23 Apr 2021, 02:13 pm »
If the room is symmetrical then I'll usually suggest setting up to preserve the symmetry. Without seeing details, in your room this could be flipping the setup so the speakers fire away from the windows toward the opening (I'm not necessarily suggesting this without seeing more detail).

But if the room itself or the setup are asymmetrical, then we can use acoustic treatment to try to restore some "acoustic symmetry" by making both sides sound more similar to one another. In this case, early reflections from the window will be an audible cue that it sounds different from the other side with the opening. So we'd treat that left wall with absorbers (probably freestanding since there's a window) to restore left/right balance.