Have you seen Impression or Alpha Series Diffusion/Absorption Panels?

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Specifically, the Grey Elm veneer finish?

Is it a true grey, strictly white/black/grey tones? Or are there any hints of green or blue tones in it?


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Hi Rockadanny,

The Grey Elm is actually my favorite veneer finish for those panels, assuming it doesn't clash with other colors already in the room. I've not noticed any green or blue tones in it, but if you want to be sure contact me via email and we can send out plate veneer samples ($10 cost for this) so you can see exactly what they look like.



Mine are very much gray. We used the Silver Papier GOM fabric and they look great. No blue or green. Just keep in mind the cut and routed edges are wood color (tan).


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Looks fabulous Tom! I need to finish adding treatments to my basement and pick a set of speakers too! So many choices including Spatial!



I installed mine when they first came out and there weren’t as many options for design. They still look good though, and are very effective.

Don P


Great to see all the GIK rooms. Mine are white on white and are very effective and look great in my beach house.


We also used grey elm veneer and Guilford of Maine silver papier fabric. There are no cool blue or green undertones in the grey elm veneer, it's a warm grey.

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Thank you all. Very nice rooms!  :thumb: