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New Downloads
« on: 6 Feb 2003, 02:24 pm »

See the somewhat related thread "TX102 MK II.5 - Update" for details on the changes to the TX102.

This thread here is to let everyone know I have changed the drawings and the assembly docs on the download page at my site. The following changes were made:

1- The drawings were changed to show assembly for the TX102 MK II.5 with extra taps.

2- The wiring of the primary has changed. The primaries are now marked +0 / +6 / and -. For standard unity gain +0 goes to the 'hot' and - to the input ground. For +6db option all the time +6 goes to hot and - goes to input ground. An optional gain switch is shown on the drawings as well. I am not a big fan of including the gain switch just in case you need it as it is an additional switch in the signal path. If you find you need extra gain (which is rare) then either swap the +0 with the +6 db wire or install the optional switch.

3- The kit assembly doc was changed to match the extra taps on the MK II.5 and also a small section started for installation of the optional remote control. More to come on the remote including a section on the page with photo's of how to retrofit the remote to an existing kit.

4- I updated the TX103 MC stepup docs and added a back plate wiring drawing for those putting them into a box. I'll have a drawing for wiring these Naked (just RCA's no box) on the next day or so and also an assembly document online soon. After that I'll add an official TX103 kit page to my site.

Yesterday I changed 28 drawings and the doc so if you spot any typo's on them please let me know! I already spotted a small change to the drawings to make today - $%$%#^&*!!

If you are not sure of which docs to use or which rev TX102 you have just call or e-mail and we'll sort it out!

Many Thanks!

John Chapman