Basement Audio Haven , a Two-channel Audio System by Chris Adams

Room Size
System Overview
System is set up for music only and is designed to play at any volume necessary for nirvana.
Music Preferences
Rock, pop, jazz, fusion, techno, world beat, a little country and bluegrass, female vocal of almost any style (not opera).
Room Description
Basement room is dedicated to two channel listening with a single chair. GIK room treatment as well as acoustic foam has been added. Floor is carpeted over DRIcore Sub-floor on concrete, walls are 5/8" sheet rock attached to soundboard with decoupling channels and caulk. Ceiling is 5/8" sheet rock.
Acoustic Treatment
GIK panels, acoustic foam, PI Audio diffusers.
Listening Impressions
Spacious, open, solid, focused, layered, deep and wide stage. Completely non-fatiguing.
Media Storage
Innuos Zenith MK3 server/streamer and CDs.
Other Comments
I like it.
Digital Source
English Electric Ethernet switch, Network Acoustics Muon Ethernet Filter System, Innuos Zenith MK3, Tchernov Ultimate USB cable, Mojo Audio Mystique B4B DAC with upgrades.
Signal Processors
McCormack LD-2 Gold Special, SMc Audio VRE-1C.
Power Amp
SMc Audio GT-21 Signature with outboard power supply (formerly McCormack DNA 0.5).
Tekton Design Ulfberhts with custom outboard crossovers.
Speaker Cable
DIY Helix cables.
DIY Helix cables.
Power Cables
DIY Helix cables.
Marble, granite, maple platforms
Power Cond
P.I. Audio Uberbuss.
Tuning and Tweaks
marble, granite, and maple platforms, Herbie's Soft Fat Dots.