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Title: Bent Audio NOH - what should I look for or avoid ?
Post by: rogerh113 on 12 Dec 2018, 09:18 pm

I am starting to research getting a Bent Audio NOH, and I realize there are a lot of different variants out there, being as many seem to have been DIY.  Are there components that I should be looking for as 'preferred' or components that I should watch out for.  I am looking for a manual unit (not interested in a remote), need at least 3 RCA in (don't use balanced).  Currently I am using a resistive volume control unit (Mod Squad), so I expect (hope) the NOH will be a substantial improvement. 

Any suggestions or comments will be appreciated.  I am trying to come up to speed on the NOH, and want to be in a position to make the right decisions when the time comes.  I am also fairly handy as a DIY.

For some reason I am not allowed to do a search on this forum, so there may be information posted that I just can't find.

thanks -- Roger