Two guitars for sale in Boston area - NOW ON EBAY!!!!

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Ericus Rex

OK folks.  It's time to thin the herd.  Got a couple of rippers here for you.  First is a Gibson SG Special 3 pickup relic'd that's been highly customized.  All hardware has been converted to gold, including Kluson deluxe locking tuners.  Additionally the pickups have gold covers.  The idea of the original owner was to make this guitar closely resemble a '61 SG.  I think it looks pretty good.  The relic'ing is the best I've seen from Gibson for this line.  Usually they look like someone spent 3 minutes on it with some 150 grit but this one looks like it's toured the world a few times.  With gig bag AND Gator hard case and Dunlop locking strap.  $600.

Next up, we have a BC Rich NJ Classic series Bich.  It is completely stock and I'm the original owner bought new in around 2005.  The guitar is in very good condition.  The front is very clean, the back has a couple of minor dings and the bottom horns have the usual marks from resting on the floor.  It still looks killer too!  No bag or case for this one, unfortunately.  $300.

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