New to AudioCircle - Introduction

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New to AudioCircle - Introduction
« on: 7 Feb 2023, 03:22 am »
Hi Everyone,
I'm new to AudioCircle. Looking to upgrade to Spatial speakers.

I'm using:
PrimaLuna Evo-200 Integrated amp
B&W 683 floor standing speakers
Naim CD player
Naim ND5 XS2 streamer
Pro-ject Debut Carbon EVO TT

For my 2K budget it seems that the M3 Turbo S used would be a good intro to Spatial. Never heard any Spatials live but I'm convinced that these are worth a try, based on so many posts I've read and the videos I've seen.

I'd appreciate any advice on M3 Turbo S or other models or if paying for the newer but used M3 Sapphires is exponentially better (these seem to go for 3.5 to 4K used). I'd also appreciate if you can connect me with anyone who is selling their used Spatials.

Many thanks,


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Re: New to AudioCircle - Introduction
« Reply #1 on: 7 Feb 2023, 06:02 pm »
You left out the most important info… the room, placement, listening distance, etc. Any details there?


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Re: New to AudioCircle - Introduction
« Reply #2 on: 7 Feb 2023, 06:07 pm »

Yes, of course! The room is about 25' x 15' and there is enough space to give the speakers breathing room from back and side walls. Listening distance from speakers is about 8-9 feet.



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Re: New to AudioCircle - Introduction
« Reply #3 on: 7 Feb 2023, 06:41 pm »
For $2000 or less (previously owned) it would be hard to beat the Turbo S.  I sold a mint pair for $1600 and someone got a deal!  I have the Sapphire M4 now and don't know if they are any better than the turbos.  Would need to A-B them side by side and not rely on memory.

I think your room at 25'x15' would allow experimenting with placement and getting them off the front wall 3' or more.

Good luck!