Approximate volumes for filter networks.

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Martin Garrish

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Approximate volumes for filter networks.
« on: 17 Oct 2022, 09:23 am »
Howdy, y'awl, from cold Blighty!

I'm playing around with some innovative new ideas in acoustics and want to correct for filter packaging. Can anyone give me an approximate displacement volume of the LGK 2.0 BSC & HF notch filter network? I know size of filter board from drawings, but want to make sure the darn thang packages without upsetting the cab compliance.

Hint: easiest way is to quickly dunk a completed filter assy in a beaker of water filled to the brim so that the excess spills out. Then remove the filter and measure the difference. A good pair of scales with 1g/cm^3 is what I usually do, or measure difference in height and estimate.

Much obliged...


Danny Richie

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Re: Approximate volumes for filter networks.
« Reply #1 on: 17 Oct 2022, 05:01 pm »
The volume of the crossovers are quite small.  Plus or minus a little amount of insulation will make more difference in your box volume.