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Re: Audiophiles
« Reply #40 on: 3 Jul 2022, 10:54 am »
I come from China. I use the ear 912 front stage and 509 rear stage of Tim, the king of vacuum tubes in Britain. The horn is ktema from Italy. I like them very much.


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Re: Audiophiles
« Reply #41 on: 3 Jul 2022, 12:16 pm »

Impressive gear.

Phil A

Re: Audiophiles
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Re: Audiophiles
« Reply #43 on: 7 Jul 2022, 09:25 pm »
Good points made, all of these.

As a society, we have come to value convenience over everything else.
So everything we consume, needs to be available in a convenient manner;
music, and how it is delivered is not immune to this unfortunately.

The trade-off, and there always is one, is that the level of engagement has eroded,
and with that, the level of enjoyment. Have you noticed how few people actually sit
down and pay attention to what they are listening to - sad but true.

Music has become something that is used to pass the time or set the mood,
not something to consciously engage with/in. The mainstream mass market audio industry
now caters to this based upon a model of convenience coupled with temporal possession.


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Re: Audiophiles
« Reply #44 on: 2 Sep 2022, 04:14 am »
Audiophile here! Just introducing myself. Hello!