2016 system, a Two-channel Audio System by boneman

System Overview
I had about 4000 lps in storage when I was offshore during the last 15 years of my working career. Upon returning to the US I have digitised all the rock/jazz, about 2,200 lps at 192/24 and sold the lps. That process took 285 ten hour man days. People can talk all they want about anything over 96 is a waste of time but my view is that you only want to do this once and storage is cheap. About 1,400 classical lps remain and these are being slowly processed as well. Still have about 2,200 redbook CDs and for new music this is the medium I collect.
Music Preferences
rock, jazz and classical
Room Description
I am downsizing. I used to have planars, Maggie III's and then Martin Logan Monolith IIIx's. Tubed separates, mono blocs, etc. Haha, my wife is very tolerant. But it is time to get smaller.
Media Storage
Synology DS412 NAS w/four 4TB WD Red HDDs in Synology Hybrid RAID 5, accessed via home network WIFI
Other Comments
VinylStudio (AlpineSoft) software for vinyl ripping and JR Media for digital playback and CD ripping.
Digital Source
Phillips CD880 transport only Wyred4Sound DAC2DSD w/Femto clock
Analog Source
Sota Star III upgraded to IV w/SME V and Benz Glider SL Sota Star III w/JVC UA 7045 and Shelter 501 MkII Other carts Grace F9E w/SS ruby canti, GAS Sleeping Beauty w/SS ruby retip, AT OC-9 and Grado MCX
Other Sources
WIN10 desktop with RME HDSP 9632 PCI for vinyl A to D ripping and Asus Xonar Essence for D to A monitoring. Two WD Red 3 TBs for recorded files prior to splitting, noise treatment and final processing. Processed files reside on the NAS.
Cary PH 301 MM phono pre ARC PH3SE phono pre Bob's SUT with 3440 Cinemag transformers
Power Amp
Hegel H 200 Integrated
Sonus Faber Cremonas, original version
Speaker Cable
Kimber Monocle
Kimber Silver Streaks digital- various
Power Cables
Sennheiser HD600
Power Cond
Power Wedge 116