Panorama Circle, a Two-channel Audio System by genjamon

Room Size
20' X 25' X 10'
System Overview
Tidal -> Sonore UltraRendu -> dB Audio Tranquility SE (ultimate upgrades) -> Don Sachs preamp -> Odyssey Kismet stereo or Line Magnetic 518IA -> Zu Omen Dirty Weekend (w/Clarity and resistor upgrades) Cerious Matrix SC's and PC's throughout DIY Mogami IC's w/Pure Sonic copper connectors All network devices running on ultracapacitor switching power supplies with ultra-noise regulation (i.e. off the grid, and ultra low noise power throughout the network) Core Power Technologies balanced power transformer as power conditioner/distribution Furutech NCF power outlets and cable connectors throughout the system Furutech fuses throughout the system
Music Preferences
Rock, blues, alternative, experimental, electronic, bluegrass, folk, classical
Room Description
Great room, with door-sized openings to hallway, kitchen, rear part of house. Tile floor.
Acoustic Treatment
Rug. Cathedral ceiling slopes vertically away from the system, minimizing ceiling reflections at listening position. Bass traps in a few locations. Wish I had more, but gotta make it a mixed-use space.
Media Storage
The internet