Main Reference System, a Two-channel Audio System by Scott F.

Room Size
System Overview
Getting back to the basics, the purity of fleapowered amps, high efficiency speakers and lots of vinyl sprinkled in for good measure. Welborne 300b DRDs and Klipsch Cornwall IVs.
Music Preferences
I listen to and love everything, literally.
Room Description
This is a dedicated, basement listening room
Listening Impressions
This room is very gear friendly. With it's 38' length and 15' width, I don't have the huge acoustic nodes and nulls most people experience when putting together a smaller 'dedicated listening room'.
Media Storage
Four sections of the Ikea Expedit to hold my vinyl. 12 terabytes of NAS to handle all of my ripped CD's and HiRez music.
Digital Source
Dedicated Server to feed a choice of DACs, MHDT Stockholm for a tube DAC and the BMC Pure DAC for something solid state.
Analog Source
TABLE 1 - Opera LP-5, Dynavector 507 MkII arm, VDH Frog, Dynavector 17D3, Yamamoto YC-03s, VDH modified Spectral feeding a Graham Slee Elevator/Reflex Gold Phono Stage.
Other Sources
TABLE 2 - Micro Seiki DQX-500 with the Micro Seiki MA-707 tonearm with an offset counterweight, Dynavector 17D Karat fed to the Korato KVP-10 phono-pre
Korato KVP-10, dual mono, all tubed pre including rectification. Onboard tubed phonostage
Power Amp
Welborne DRD 300b, and Canary M-90 PP 300b when I want more power
Klipsch Cornwalls type IV. These are the real deal.
Speaker Cable
Homemade MilSpec AgCu, with pure teflon dielectric, low mass pure copper spades as connectors
Combination of BMC solid silver balanced and DIY - MilSpec AgCu, shielded, both layers wrapped in teflon balanced cables
Power Cables
I've been Kaplan'd
Rack - DIY, individual shelf with isolation/coupling
Power Cond
Balanced Power Technology BPT-2