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« on: 4 May 2021, 10:00 am »
Hello all audiophiliacs and music lovers. I am new to the thread and introducing myself here.
With the onset of this pandemic I found myself with more free time and homebound than is usual so I ramped up my audio DIY pursuits.
I'd be interested in hearing from anyone here who is building their own tube preamps. I have just completed an Aikido build and started on a build of Peter Millets Low -Mu preamp. Currently play my music on a no-name chip amp through vintage Fisher 110 speakers. I salvage forlorn vintage tube gear too.
My tastes in music include Smooth Jazz, some Rock and Classical piano pieces.

Phil A

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Welcome to AC!


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Greetings & Welcome to AC Tetroda   :thumb:


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Welcome to AC  :thumb: