Question about what you charge!?

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Question about what you charge!?
« on: 3 May 2021, 09:37 pm »

I have a question for those who build, or upgrade speakers for people.. not your dad or your brother..

But those people whom you don’t know, and have not met.. Don’t owe anything to! Ha ha.

Like the upgrades for the Klipsch 600m or 504c.. SVS bookshelves.. again your building the crossover, supply the materials for build. (Screws, glues, wood, Polly and what have you, very minor)

I know some guys offer building the crossovers for 125 or 150. Sending them to someone out of the area. So shipping I’m guessing is 20 each way for crossovers.
What’s left? Installing them, adding the wires, tube connector installing, no res.

I want to be on par with the rest of the people here doing this for folks. I don’t want to undercharge, nor overcharge.

Most folks don’t get till you do them, are they hard.. not terrible. Tedious, absolutely! They take time and why best the end person does the installs. (DIY)

It’s still a win for them, being now they have the sound that most companies would charge 100’s extra for of not 1000’s depending on speaker (300% to 400% markup) again, they still win.

So, of those whom ave actually done this for random folks, what have you charged? (Really who I want to hear from)  This might be something to keep around and help us doing this for others.