Hailing from Central Wisconsin

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Hailing from Central Wisconsin
« on: 2 May 2021, 08:42 pm »
Let me introduce myself:
I have been curious about the AudioCircle and finally broke down and created an account.  My musical passion is jazz, the hardware is a means to listen to it.  Having been curious about the low powered single ended tube amplifier and hi efficiency speaker approach to listening I am considering adding a SET tube amp to my hardware collection.  Also I will be adding hi-efficiency speakers.  At least I believe I will.  My musical tastes lean towards jazz with a challenging approach to its presentation, as in avant garde.  Otherwise a I lean towards smaller scale music styles and presentation, folk, country blues, baroque classical, some rock, electronic, and ambient.  Classic Rock is ok but not my first choice. 
What I seek from an SET is clarity, coherence and and believable listening experience. My budget  for pursuing this path is moderate.
At this point identifying a suitable speaker is paramount and my current challenge.  DIY is not my thing. However, buying someone's DIY might be. 
Thanks for allowing me to jin this community.


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Re: Hailing from Central Wisconsin
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Welcome to AC  :thumb:
If you live in US its suited to consider Dennis Had amps to plenty of interesting tubes to role as EL34,KT66/150 and also a large FR driver as Lii Audio F15 or F18, but there is more some FR drivers interesting.
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Re: Hailing from Central Wisconsin
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Welcome!  Suggest looking at Omega Loudspeakers (here at Audio Circle).


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Re: Hailing from Central Wisconsin
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Greetings & Welcome to AC weedeewop   :thumb: 

Phil A

Re: Hailing from Central Wisconsin
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