Hello from Slidell, LA. USA

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Hello from Slidell, LA. USA
« on: 2 May 2021, 06:40 pm »
Hello my name is Clay and I am 67 years old.  Born & raised in Jackson, MS and now living in Slidell, LA (near New Orleans).  I have built a few bookshelf speaker pairs in the last four years or so and have just ordered the X-SLS components & cabinets from Danny.  I hope that they will result in a great set of speakers that I can enjoy for the rest of my life.  I've never had any tower speakers before.  I was about to order some commercial $900 to $1,000 bookshelf speakers but then I saw Danny's video about how cheap the parts typically are for commercial speakers and that you're just paying for something that is made to a certain low price point, and I said to myself "No I'm not doing that".  I am much more into what speakers sound like than what they look like, and have typically just spray-painted my completed speaker cabinets gloss black.  I guess that I'm too lazy to take the time to make them look good if it involves a lot of extra work.  DIY speaker kits are getting a lot of attention on Youtube with the recent videos posted by New Record Day and cheapaudioman.  Anyways, I am glad that I found this place & look forward to the discussions and learning some new things.     

Phil A

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Re: Hello from Slidell, LA. USA
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Welcome to AC  :thumb:
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Re: Hello from Slidell, LA. USA
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Greetings & Welcome to AC coopman   :thumb: