Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself

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Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself
« on: 2 May 2021, 07:09 pm »
Hi everybody,

I have been in and out of this hobby for 40 years but got back into it in a bigger way when I retired in 2018. I am from Toronto, and post frequently on the Canuck Audio Mart forums under the same handle, Tangram.

I've had a great time treating my dedicated basement listening room and refining what I value the most in sound presentation. The room is 13X20X6.5'. Yes, my ceilings are that low!  My musical interests include acoustic, folk, jazz, late-70's/early 80's English new wave/post punk and 70's hard funk. I occasionally enjoy classical recordings (mostly small ensemble) as well. So, like so many of you, my tastes are quite varied.

My current system (all analog) is as follows:

TW Acustic Raven One turntable
Graham Phantom II Tonearm
Kiseki Purple Heart NS cartridge
EAR/Yoshino 868pl preamp with onboard phono stage
Pass Labs XA30.5 amp
Parasound Halo A21 Signature amp
Harbeth M30.2 40th Anniversary speakers/Ton Trager stands
Magnepan LRS with Magnariser Airborne stands
2 SVS SP2000 Pro subs

The room is treated with first reflection absorbers on side walls and the ceiling, and skyline diffusers on the front wall. I have created a quasi-bass trap by stuffing rock wool behind the cavity of a home theater screen (the HT is on the short wall; stereo system is on the short wall.

I have been enjoying the Harbeths thoroughly but then I made the "mistake" of trying my first dipolar speaker. The lack of boxiness from the LRS is more to my tastes than the Harbeths. But I need to use the Parasound amp to get the LRS's to sing (I also run the subs with a 50Hz crossover).

I considered moving up the Magnepan line to the 1.7i but they will be not that far off the ceiling (even though they are still on the small end of Magnepan's offerings) and I will still need the subs and the Parasound amp.

After some thought, I have ordered the M3 Sapphires from Clayton. My plan is to pair the Spatials with the XA30.5 and sell the Harbeths. Depending on my thoughts on the Spatials, I may sell the LRS's and Parasound amp, although it is possible that I could find the LRS's a home in a secondary system. I like the idea of as simple a system as possible.

My purpose of joining this circle is to learn from other members who have years of OB experience, especially when it comes to placement and amp matching. Interestingly, I see very little mention of Class A SS amps driving Spatials.

I hope this introduction gives everyone a bit of an idea of who I am, at least in my audiophile guise.


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Re: Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself
« Reply #1 on: 2 May 2021, 07:38 pm »
Welcome to AC  :thumb:
Your name remember me this album>


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Re: Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself
« Reply #2 on: 2 May 2021, 08:34 pm »
And so it should! That is the connection. Well done.

Scroof Neachy

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Re: Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself
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Howzit goin’ eh?

not TEO


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Re: Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself
« Reply #4 on: 3 May 2021, 03:04 am »
Greetings & Welcome to AC Tangram   :thumb:  Another TD fan here.   8)