Reasons to go M3 vs X5?

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Re: Reasons to go M3 vs X5?
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I have the X5s and sit between 10 and 11 feet away from them.  In my experiments in my room this is the ideal distance and I can sit 15 feet away as well.  8 to 10  feet was still very good but 10 feet was better..  I believe there is a misconception that the x5s need at least 15 feet to sound good and that it is advised on the internet if you can't sit close to that distance then the m series are recommended.  I do believe if you can't sit at least 9 feet away you'd probably recommend the m series.

Yes, your right. Its important to realize that when I talk about room interference effects increasing with distance and that the X Series helps, that doesn't mean the speakers need to be distanced that far from you. They measure and sound integrated somewhere around 7 ft away, so no issue there.