spatial and first watt

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Re: spatial and first watt
« Reply #40 on: 18 Mar 2021, 02:56 am »
Thanks for the feedback.


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Re: spatial and first watt
« Reply #41 on: 27 Mar 2021, 03:13 pm »
I've used a First Watt F6 clone (50 watts into 4 ohms) with my Spatial M4's (not the TM version) for a few years. I preferred this over my previous class D amplifier, which put out over 300 watts, if I remember right. I went ever further down in wattage this past week and rebuilt the F6 into a First Watt Aleph J (13 watts into 4 ohms). It's been a short period, so far, but there is more than enough, of quality sound.

With any of my First Watt experience, I don't feel like anything is lacking, and I really like them paired with the Spatials. With that said, I do have an open baffle GR Research/Rythmik subwoofer paired with them, since that has it's own amplifier, it likely picks up any slack on the bottom end.


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Re: spatial and first watt
« Reply #42 on: 27 Mar 2021, 03:55 pm »
i will shortly have an f5 to compare with the f6 driving m3 sapphires... will also compare against my other amps, lta zotl40 ref, audio mirror set 45 monos, and hegel h20

side point, but important one... one cannot speak in generalities about spatials... the x series has self powered bass drivers via integrated bass amp... any standalone amp plugged into these speakers do not do the heavy lifting on bass frequencies -- whereas with m series - no onboard bass amp... so bass control, current delivery and damping factor are much more important to handle those large surface area woofers...