Selling my SS6M book shelves w/custom Deer Creek Audio stands

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For anyone interested, I’m putting up for sale a wonderful and well-cared for set of monitors, the Salk SS6Ms. ($2995 for speakers; $3695 speakers and stands.) I am the original owner; monitors are less than two years old and immaculate; tobacco-free home. While many people wait many months for custom built Salks, these beauties are ready now for a new home. A local sale is welcome but I can ship within the CONUS.

They’re listed on USAM:

I’m selling because I am headed toward tower speakers which I think will work better with my gear and space. They may be Salk towers but I’m looking around for now. Suggestions welcome.

About the speakers: The highs are clean and crisp without being sharp; the bass is startlingly full but tight (these really do go low). Indeed, I would say that a sub is really not needed given the bass response of these front-ported speakers. Midrange is lush, intimate, and accurate — a singer is in the room with the listener! Imaging is fantastic; they project a wide and deep soundstage, well-articulated and natural. These are versatile speakers, capable of handling a range of music— classical, jazz, folk, rock, world music. Voices are right-sized, instruments sound accurate — including such tough cases as pianos, French horns, clarinets — and dynamics and transients are conveyed with alacrity and tempo.

 To go with the speakers, I had some stands custom made for the Salk SS6Ms by Deer Creek Audio. These stands are heavy and provide a beautiful complement to the speakers. They are sold separately.

A nice interview with Jim can be found here where he singles out, as his go-to drivers, the SS95; this is a tower speaker but the SS6M’s for sale here have the same top two drivers. These are Jim’s go-to. See:

I’d also mention that tube amplifier designer Mike McGary had to say about the Salk SS6m on Audio Circle:

“I own a pair of 6M and use with my amps. Jim also demonstrated the 6M at the California Audio Show with the McGary Audio SA1 amp and we had really good reviews. For a relatively compact speaker, the bass is tight and goes low. You are really getting the sound experience of the much larger SS9.5, and closely to the sound of the Song3 BeAT. Imaging is wonderful. Jim also built a custom subwoofer, but honestly I haven’t used it much....very satisfied with bass performance without the sub I listen to the 6M in my home, with the same equipment Jim and I have demonstrated at the audio shows. As for a direct comparisons on midrange dispersion, I have not compared these speakers ‘side by side‘, but that is why I wanted a monitor to begin with... so I could minimize speaker size/ displacement in my room and ability to adjust for speaker positions and room interactions with a smaller speaker...while having the dispersion of the monitor. Yes, pros and cons with a separate sub vice a full range floor standing set of speakers, but I also can apply DSP corrections to the active subwoofer...and I can move the sub easily around (anywhere in the ) room. However, these monitors are not lacking in bass for my taste and haven’t used the sub much.”

Happy to answer any questions. Thanks for considering my sale and my question about next steps.

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You neglected to add the asking price anywhere. I've done that myself.



Thank you, Sir!