Vista-Audio SE amps uncovered: M-1 amplifier kit documentation published

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One of my customers and a regular here (Bill - bbchem) made me aware of this fine forum. One of the best forums, great people and very stimulative atmosphere (unlike some others). It all started with Bill's post:

Made me feel so good that I decided to publish the user's manual for the M-1 amplifier kit and put it in public domain. The M-1 is a basis for the SE amp that Bill likes so much. So, for all you DIY-ers out there below is the link to a proven and thoroughly tested design for you to use as you wish.

Stay safe and enjoy!
Boris Sasic


Welcome to AudioCircle Boris.  I had a brief look at your PDF and it looks to be very well done. I'm sure there will be lots of folks who are very appreciative of your contribution. Very cool. :thumb:




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Nice work, Boris. :thumb:.. Looks to me like the little OPT can take a bow as well, judging by the test shots. 5K/8, there are a TON of transformers around that will work well with this amp. PP 6BM8 should be able to make 8 watts with a larger OPT, and the taps are a very thoughtful feature. Have you tried the Dyna Tx in the shop? Any thoughts? With the PCB purchase, can/do you provide drawings for centers for socket holes, for a homebrew chassis, maybe good wood, with the magnetics inside as well? This looks like a really fine little project amp.


Guys, thank you all for the warm welcome and encouraging words. I did not have a chance to work with Dyna xfmrs, but (during development) I tried some super cheap ones from Antique Electronic Supply (small and cheap P-T31 worked surprisingly well), small ones from Triode Electronics (not that great, but useful), then Hammonds, from 125CSE to 1627 (all good but the $92 transformer was just to test the limits, costs more than all the electronics). Finally I went through few iterations with Trafomatic till we got it right. As you all know, there are always tradeoffs, choosing the right ones is a problem. Dimensioned drawing for the PCB is in the user's manual and also on the website under "Documentation", then item #2. As for the chassis, I have something that I used for few custom projects, if you follow the first link in my original post, there are some pics posted. Thanks again, Boris

Smokehouse Bob

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Welcome Boris! I am so glad to have found you and this amplifier (the P2). Simply fantastic product! My only trouble is which room to put it in!!!!


 :lol: not bad if that's the only problem. Glad that you like the amp. Thanks!