? Biamp with another 4bst or upgrade to 7bst monos

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I recently purchased a new pair of VMPS RM40 speakers, and have been running them with a 4bst.  They are in a fairly large room 27'x19', and I feel they could do better with more power.   My thoughts are to possibly pick up another 4bst and biamp, or to sell the 4bst and search for a used pair of 7bst monos.  I would appreciate anyone sharing their thoughts or experience along these lines.   The speakers are rated at 4 ohms, and although the 4bsts can be set to use as monos, I wasn't sure if this could  be yet another option.



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? Biamp with another 4bst or upgrade to 7bst monos
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There has been some discussion on this topic in the "Bi-amping with a single-balanced output" thread. Personally I would go with the 7B-ST/SST, even though I haven't heard them, instead of bi-amping. John Casler might be able to provide some input because I believe he is a Bryston and VMPS dealer  ? Depending on your budget, you might also want to try to pick up a used 3B-SST for the midrange/HF and use the 4B-ST for the LF. It might give you the extra power you need along with the newer SST technology, for the same price as buying a 4B-ST ?